November 19, 2020
Joanna Parungao

Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global Features Smart Capital Center CEO Laura Krashakova

Smart Capital Center CEO Laura Krashakova discusses how The Hero’s Journey lit her path towards becoming a Disruptor in the Commercial Real Estate Space.

Heeding the Call to Action 

When asked what inspires her, Laura discusses how narratives of entrepreneurial journeys galvanized her into action. She previously worked as a banker with multiple Wall Street firms, participating in capital raising, restructuring, and mergers & acquisition transactions in the real estate and other sectors. In that time, she recognized that change needed to happen and she decided to heed the call to act. 

The mission was simple: democratize the commercial real estate space to make room for more types of investors to thrive. Thus, Smart Capital Center was born – from the desire to upend the status quo and usher in an era of change.

Quote from Laura - You can't have all the control and advantage concentrated at the top. Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive.

“Large institutions have significant advantages in the market due to access to data and capital, and it’s hard to shake such deeply rooted foundations. It was harming not only the average entrepreneur and property owner, but it’s also bad for the economy as a whole,” says Laura. “You can’t have all the control and advantage concentrated at the top. Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive.” 

Heralding Change as an Agent of Disruption in CRE 

Smart Capital Center provides bank quality valuation in under 24 hours.

Smart Capital Center provides bank quality valuation in under 24 hours. This is a value proposition unmatched anywhere in the world. When you’re trying to win deals and make the most of your investment, speed and access to information is key. Investors need to know if the deal is profitable and has potential. Real-time information is essential to swift decision-making in order to close the best deals. 

Harvey's journey of his investments and success.

Let’s take a look at Harvey. He owns a bakeshop and has some money saved up. Harvey learns that a real estate property has become available in a location that can be described as middling. It isn’t prime but it isn’t a distressed area either. He’s thinking of buying that property. He needs to consider the following. 

Harvey's picture of thinking buying a property for expanding his business.
  1. Is the property a good deal?
  2. Does it have potential? 
  3. Is the price fair? 
  4. How does he get the additional capital needed to purchase the property? 

Harvey isn’t the only one mulling over the purchase. Time is ticking and contacting a broker, ordering a valuation, and securing a loan takes a long time. In this kind of scenario, access to accurate information and affordable capital can make the difference between making money or losing out on an opportunity. 

Harvey’s bid on the property is a success. He opens his second bakeshop.

A couple of years down the road, Harvey finds that he has enough money to begin investing in another property. He’s a busy man though, so he doesn’t have the time to go do on-site inspections and he’s a bit leery about contacting a local broker at the initial stage of his consideration. 

Image of store signage that says open.

Smart Capital Center’s platform allows Harvey to look at multiple properties, enabling him to narrow down his focus much faster and spend less money on reviewing deals that are not as attractive. And once he’s made his decision, the platform also gives him access to affordable financing through the company’s connection with over 1,000 alternative lenders. The previously tedious process has become superfast and convenient, enabling Harvey to make smart real estate investment decisions at a fraction of the time and cost required. 

Harvey finds a good property and is able to act swiftly to close the deal. He gets a mortgage and uses that to flip the newly acquired real estate. He opens his third bakeshop just as his eldest daughter begins attending school. 

Happy Harvey who made smart real estate investment.

“I’ve seen how access to data, technology, and capital can make or break a venture,” says Laura. “I recognized that the current system underserved a large sector of entrepreneurs in the commercial real estate space, and I took it upon myself to build a solution.” 

Why is Our Work Relevant? The Hero in Everyman 

There are many stories similar to Harvey’s – ordinary people who plan, save, and try to build a secure future for themselves and their families.

Tenacity - people who have goals and who work hard to achieve those goals. People who persevere, despite adversities.

When asked what her definition of a hero is, Laura mentions the word tenacity. People who have goals and who work hard to achieve those goals – not just in the short-term, but over a long period of time. People who persevere, despite adversities.  

A story she finds particularly inspiring is that of a Bay Area entrepreneur and successful real estate investor who owns 10,000 apartment rental units. His journey to success began in a small pizza shop in Oakland. The shop, his first one, was located in what was considered an unsafe area. It wasn’t out of the norm for him to hear gunshots in the evenings. However, despite this less than favorable circumstance, he persevered and through grit, hard work and tenacity, he was able to grow his business into the empire it is today.  

“I’ve seen this same formula repeated time and again — regular people starting their businesses with the hope of providing a better future for their families and succeeding tremendously in that endeavor,” says Laura. “Their stories inspire me and keep me motivated to work harder to level the playing field for all real estate investors. There’s nothing more inspiring than working with people on a journey to make their dreams come true.” 

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