Smart Capital Center: Real-time valuation, cap rates, loans

Ultra-fast property valuation and affordable financing

For commercial real estate investors

  • Same-Day Property Valuation
  • Affordable Financing

Bank-level quality

We include a detailed analysis of your property financial and operating performance and hyper-local market data to get an accurate assessment of property value and risk

Same-day delivery

State-of-the-art technology enables us to deliver results within the same business day instead of many days of manual work required previously

Dramatically Lower Costs

We use technology to dramatically cut costs and pass all savings to you


Financial model in the cloud - you can play with numbers and various scenarios to get the confidence and informational leverage you need to negotiate the best deal

How it works
Create your account
Upload property financial documents
We analyze all uploaded data and hundreds of other metrics about the property and the local market
We deliver the property valuation report - on the same business day
Get full property valuation report

Smart Capital Center invented the world's first smart mortgage technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyze a property and show best mortgage options

Best Terms

State-of-the-art technology will match you with best loan options from our pool of 1,000+ lenders

Dramatically Lower Costs

We use technology and data to cut costs and get you the best rate

Same Day Response

Streamlined process, one simple application, same day response with best loan options and terms

How it works
Create your account
Upload property financial documents
We will evaluate the property, search our database of thousands of available loans and pick several best options for you
Our consultant will contact you to discuss best options shortly
Get best loan options
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